Blown Off Course
Opera commissioned by Miso Music Portugal, 2023 libretto by Glenn Patterson. Premiered Oculto d’Ajuda Lisbon 12-14 January 23

Sounding Conflict: A Performance in Five Acts, with Matilde Meireles and Tinderbox Theatre Company, 2022 – Film/Installation/Performance. Premiered Museu da Maré, Rio de Janeiro June 2022

In the Making
Immersive Sound Installation, Commissioned by Jardins Efémeros, Viseu. Exhibited in Claustros da Sé de Viseu (July 2021)

Mondego: The River is Everywhere 
Installation (Immersive sound, photography, organic materials and plastic), with Geraldine Timlin (photography) – 2021
Commissioned by Dar a Ouvir, Câmara Municipal de Coimbra/ Convento São Francisco e Serviço Educativo do Jazz ao Centro Clube.
Shown in Convento de São Francisco (May-September 2021)

Listen to Me
Crónica Release on cassette and digital streaming (2020). 30 minutes Excerpt selected for collective exhibition Audiosphere curated by Francisco Lopez (2020)

Music by Wood
for Marimba and Electronics (2020), (commissioned by the International Spring Music Festival, Portugal)

Covid-19 Data Sonification #65

Music by Strings
Ambisonic Immersive Sound Piece (2019)
Commissioned by Festival DME in the context of the European project “The Soundscape we live in” financed by the Erasmus+ programme.
Premiere: Corfu, Greece July 2019

Are We Not Dreaming?
Immersive Sound Experience (2019)
with Matilde Meireles, Michael McKnight

Alto Saxophone and Cello (2019)
Commissioned by Síntese – Grupo de Música Contemporânea

Yellow Line
Sound Design: Pedro Rebelo, Michael McKnight (2018)
Across and In-Between is a creative collaboration between Suzanne Lacy and Cian Smyth with Helen Sharp and communities in Pettigo, Tullyhommon, Cuilcagh Mountain, Castlesaunderson, Magheraveely, Newtownbutler and surroundings.

Tufo da Mafalala: Behind a Performance
Performance/Installation/Film (2018)
Funded by the AHRC/PaCCS
Centro Cultural de Portugal Maputo, Jardins Efémeros Viseu, SPARC – City University London

Listen to Me
Installation (2017)
Commissioned by the Scale Travels Programme (GNRation + INL)
INL Gallery, Braga Portugal (July – September 2017)

Vestido a Rigor
with BeAnotherLab
Participatory project with members of the gypsy community of the Bairro Social de Paradinha, Viseu
Museu Nacional de Grão Vasco, Viseu (July-August 2017)

Gathering Dust
Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, electronics and video projection (2017)
Commissioned by MisoMusicPortugal for the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble
Premiere: 20.05.17 Oculto d’Ajuda, Lisbon

Sou Cigano
Socially Engaged Sonic Arts Installation (2016)
Commissioned by Câmara Municipal de Castelo Branco

In a Line
for Saxophone Quartet, Soloist and Electronics (2016)
Commissioned by the Quasar Saxophone Quartet

Listening to Voices
Binaural piece (2015)
Part of AHRC funded project Listening to Voices
Premiere: 12.01.16 Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow

Cidade Museu
Performance with Franziska Schroeder, Ricardo Jacinto. Images by André Cepeda (2015)
Jardins Efémeros
Sé Catedral de Viseu Portugal (2015)

Commissioned by Carin Levine and Rodrigo Cicchelli Veloso (2015)
Piccolo, bass flute and live electronics
Premiere: 5.11.16 Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

with Ricardo Jacinto (2014)
Public art installation
Jardins Efémeros, Viseu Portugal (July/August 2014)

Som da Maré
Participatory Sound Art Project (2014)
Installation at Museu da Maré, Soundwalks at Parque do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro (May/June 2014)
Exhibition at Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Nitéroi (August 2014)

Sounds of the City
with Rui Chaves, Matilde Meireles and Aonghus McEvoy (2012)
Commissioned by the Metropolitan Arts Centre, Belfast
First Exhibit 19.04.12 – 19.06.12

Quando eu Nasci
Chamber Ensemble and Narrator (2011)
Commissioned by Miso Music for  the Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble
First Performance 11.06.11, Centro Cultural de Cascais (Sond’Ar-te Electric Ensemble)

Network Performance (2010)
First Performance 06.11.10, Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music (sounding/the/net)
Evan Parker (sax), Elizabeth Harnik (piano) John Eckhardt (Double bass)

Cipher Series
Graphic Scores (2010)
First Performance: EIMAS 2010 (Brazil)
Other performances: EarZoom Festival 2010 (Slovenia), ISEA 2011 (Turkey), Melbourne Recital Hall 2011 (Australia), University of Technology Sydney 2011 (Australia), Belfast – São Paulo 2012, Belfast-Bournemouth-Stanford 2012

Miso25 (2010)
Stereo Tape
Commissioned by MisoMusic Portugal for their 25th Anniversary

Illusion of Control (2009)
Uilleann Pipes, saxophones and 3D visuals
Pedro Rebelo (composition), Brian Cullen (visuals), Franziska Schroeder (saxophones) and Ivan Goff (Uilleann Pipes).
Commissioned with funds from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland
First Performance: 22.11.2009 Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music, SARC Belfast

Fo(u)r Lines of Collision (2008)
Two flutes and two horns
First Performance: Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik 2008
Commissioned by Carin Levine

Exposure 4. (2009-10)
Saxophone Quartet and Live Electronics
Commissioned by the Quasar Saxophone Quartet, Montreal
First Performance: Version 4.1 April 2009 SARC, Version 4.2 31.03.2010 Espace Dell arte Montreal
Other Performances: 01.04.2010 Montreal

may there be… (2008)
Pedro Rebelo (Piano), Franziska Schroeder (Soprano Saxophone), Guilherme Rodrigues (Cello) and Ernesto Rodrigues (Viola)
Creative Source Recordings CS134

Netrooms: The Long Feedback (2008-)
Participative Network Piece
First Performance: 02.04.08 CNMAT, Berkeley CA
Other Performances: 04.04.08 CCRMA, Stanford CA

2 Plates (2008) Networked Sound Installation
With Michael Alcorn
2 Places (17th January 2008 – 1st March 2008), Ormeau Baths Gallery/University of Limerick

Disparate Bodies (2007) Network Performance
With Franziska Schroeder, Elisabeth Harnick, Wolfgang Tischhart, Clemens Frühstück
First Performance: 29.11.07 SARC Belfast – Hochschule für Musik und Theatre Hamburg – Institut für Elektronische Musik and Akustik – Graz

Strings Apart (2007) Network Music Performance for two pianos (Pedro Rebelo and Mark Applebaum)
First Performance: 15.05.07 SARC – Belfast, CCRMA – Stanford CA

Shadow Quartet (2007) for string quartet and four prosthetic violins
Commmissioned by Miso Music Portugal for The Smith Quartet
First Performance: 21.04.07 Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music
Other Performances: 24.04.07 Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Disparate Bodies (2007) Network Performance
With Franziska Schroeder, Mark Applebaum, Alain Renaud and Tom Davis
First Performance: 07.04.07 NIME, NY

FAINT (2007) Double CD of Improvised and Electroacoustic Music
with Franziska Schroeder (Saxes) and Steven Davis (Drums)

Improvised Piano Duo (Pedro Rebelo and Chris Brown)
First Performance: 19.01.07 Maybeck House, Berkeley CA

Fragmentos (2007) Soprano Sax and Electronics
Commissioned by Pablo Coello
First Performance: 14.02.07 Santiago de Compostela
Other Performances: 02.04.08 CNMAT Berkeley CA, 04.04.08 CCRMA – Stanford CA

An Instrument of Dissection (2006) Stereo
First Performance: 1.04.06 Itinéraire de Nuit, Espace Adenauer Maison Internationale, Paris – Project Circuits
Other Performances: 30.04.06 Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music
14.04.07 Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival
18.08.07 Futura Festival France
02.04.08 CNMAT Berkeley CA, 04.04.08 CCRMA – Stanford CA

Project Belfast
(2005) Audio-Visual
Commissioned by the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society
First Performance: 24-26.10.05 Belfast Festival at Queen’s

Rust (2005) Cardboard Box and Computer (with Renzo Spiteri)
First Performance: 17.09.05 Música Viva, Portugal
Other Performances: 19.09.05 National Concert Hall, Dublin
09.05 Música Viva Festival, Lisbon
11.05 St. James Cavalier CHOGM, Malta

Prosthetic Oil (2005) Oil Drums and Computer
First Performance: 17.09.05 Música Viva, Portugal (Renzo Spiteri)
Other Performances: 19.09.05 National Concert Hall, Dublin (Renzo Spiteri)

A-Synk (2005) Percussion, Saxophone, Internet Audio Chat Client and Live-Electronics
With Pedro Carneiro and Franziska Schroeder
First Performance: ICMC 2005 Barcelona

Interactive Sound Installation at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast (2004-05)
Arts Council of Northern Ireland Commission

Music for Prosthetic Congas (2004)
Congas, Bongos and Rontontons
First Performance: 25.04.04 Sonorities, Belfast (Pedro Carneiro)
Other Performances: Queen’s Festival 2004 (Renzo Spiteri), 11.06 Casa da Música, Porto (Pedro Carneiro)

Sonic Constructs (2004)
Interactive Sonic Robots Installation
New Forms Festival, Vancouver 2004

Oscillation (2003/04) Soprano Saxophone and Digital Media
With Franziska Schroeder and Peter Nelson
First Performance: 8.02.04 Soundings, Edinburgh
Other Performances: 29.04.04 Sonorities, Belfast, 14.02.07 Santiago de Compostela (Pablo Coello)

laut[omata].3 (2002) Digital Media
First Performance:11.11.02 The Spitz – Atlantic Waves Festival – London
Other Performances: 7.02.04 Soundings, Edinburgh
11.09.04 Musica Viva, Lisbon
24.05.05 Krakov, Poland

Tabacaria (2002) Multimedia Performance
[text: Fernando Pessoa]
First Performance: 11.04.02 Konzerthaus Vienna

Tabacaria[boxed] (2002) Electroacoustic Music
[text: Fernando Pessoa read by João Villaret]
First Performance: 31.04.02 Centro Cultural de Belém – Música Viva Festival – Lisbon
CD Release: Electronic Music I&II, Miso Music 2004

An Instrument of Sabotage [version 2.0] (2001), for strings and percussion

sub_friction (2001) Multimedia Performance
First Performance: 17.04.01 Teatro Helena Sá e Costa – Música Viva Festival -Porto
Other Performances: 25.05.02 The Matthew Gallery – Edinburgh

Aquas Liberas (2001), for tenor saxophone and multimedia (sponsored by Fundação do Banco Comercial Português)
First Performance: 17.02.01 Dartington Great Hall – soundpractice (sax – Franziska Schroeder)
Other Performances: 12.04.01 Glasgow, RSAMD – Cade2001 (sax – Franziska Schroeder)
13.09.01 Lisbon zdbmüsique (sax – Franziska Schroeder)
20.09.01 Glasgow CIRCUS Conference – University of Glasgow (sax – Franziska Schroeder)
27.04.02 Queen Elizabeth Hall – State of the Nation – London (sax – Christian Forshaw – London Sinfonietta)

Verzerrung (2001), for flute and live-electronics (composed for Carin Levine)
First Performance: 15.04.07 Sonic Arts Research Centre (Carin Levine)

x\Hailes (2001), for violin and live-electronics (composed for José Machado)
First Performance: 20.05.05 Musica Electronica Nova, Wroclow, Poland (Christina Pryn)

Long Steel String and Balloon Instrument (2000) In collaboration with John Gooch
First Performance: 26.05.2000 dialogues@the bedlam, Edinburgh by Pedro Rebelo, Laurie Crump and Mark Summers

Visceral ReActions (1999), for alto saxophone and live electronics (composed for Franziska Schroeder)
First Performance: Franziska Schroeder – 3.9.99, dialogues@the matthew gallery, Edinburgh
Other Performances: 16.04.00 Instituto Franco-Portugais Festival Musica Viva – Lisboa
02.01 Rotterdam Music Biennial
20.09.01 Glasgow CIRCUS Conference – University of Glasgow (sax – Franziska Schroeder)
25.05.02 The Matthew Gallery – Edinburgh

Instrument of Sabotage (1999), for strings and percussion
First Performance: EUCME (Dir. Peter Nelson) – 26.11.1999 Reid Concert Hall – Edinburgh

4 More Shor(t)s (1999), for tape
First Performance: Festival Musica Viva 4.2000, Lisboa Portugal
Other Performances: IMEB – Bourges 2001

3 Shorts about noise and rhythm (1998), for tape
> mp3: 1st of 3 Shorts
First Performance: 27.2.1999, dialogues Edinburgh
Other Performances: Futura 27.8.1999 Tour de Crest (Drome/France)
ULTIMA 99 09.10.99 (Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Høvikodden)
Broadcasts include: BBC Radio 3 (Late Junction), Deutschlandfunk
first short  (3:10) features in the Sonic Circuits VI CD

Partial Space (1999), Interactive Sound Installation
First Performance: 1999, dialogues Edinburgh
Other Performances: 1999 Wien Limites Festival

…just cartoon music (1998), for tape
featured in “extracted celluloid” CD (illegal art no. 2)

3 Fados (1998), for tape
First Performance: 16.2.1998, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
Other Performances: Futura 27.8.1999 Tour de Crest (Drome/France)
Broadcasts: Deutschlandfunk

MAPA (1997), computer generated tape piece realised at the University of Edinburgh Electronic Music Studios.
First Performance: International Symposium on Musical Acoustics, 20.8.1997, Reid Concert Hall – Edinburgh.
Other performances include ICMC98, Ann Arbor – Michigan
7.99 Festival Musica Viva 99 (Lisbon)
LaHabana 99 (Cuba)

Short Film for Percussion (1996), for percussionist and assistant
First Performance: Simon Limbrick – 22.4.1996, Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts, Norwich.
Other Performances by Simon Limbrick:
9.2.2000, Goldsmiths College London
2.3.2000, Newcastle University Music Department

Shadow : Installation theatre (1996), In collaboration with Nettie Burnett
First Performance: .1996, Dartington College of Arts

CutUp (1996), for improvisers and tape.
First Performance: 22.5.1996, Cardiff – The Diggers

Tactics (1996), for four musicians
First Performance: Mindless Electroacoustic Violence – 2.5.1996, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh

Forking Paths Virtual Mix (1996), computer generated tape piece realised at the University of East Anglia Electroacoustic Music Studios.
First Performance: 6th Symposium for Art and Technology, 1997, Connecticut.
Other Performances:  Sound Installation: 21.12.1997 Sonic Residues Melbourne Australia.
Logos Tetraeder, Gent, Belgium, 13.8.1997
Broadcasts include: SOUND BOX – Web Broadcast Project

Sculpture Garden (1995), for instrumental ensemble
First Performance:  12.1995, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh – Edinburgh Contemporary Music Ensemble, Peter Nelson – Conductor
Other Performances: 5.1996, University of East Anglia, Norwich – UEA Contemporary Music Ensemble,Lee Tsang – Conductor

Quintet (1994) for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano, and Double Bass
First Performance – Leipzig, 7.1995 by players of the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater Leipzig