My research activity reflects cross-disciplinary interests while intrinsically relating to my work as a composer and sound artist. My output as creative artist helps establish a framework for investigation in the realm of cultural theory, technology and design. My research into notions of design in Music and Architecture, led to fruitful work which has proven crucial to the discussion of new media forms such as interactive art installations.

In 1999, I initiated a collaboration with saxophonist Franziska Schroeder. Under the project “l a u t” we develop performance and research in digital media in the context of live and interactive environments. Large-scale research projects include  Co-me-di-a a EU Culture 2007 in the area of Network Performance, AHRC funded “Sounding Conflict: from resistance to reconciliation ” and AHRC funded “Understanding the role of music and sound in conflict transformation: the Mozambique case study”.

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