Network Performance Strategies at TransISTor, Czech Republic

The presentation addresses the challenges and implications of networked technologies and cultures for the creation of new music performances. We cover historical and current examples of work which relates to multi-location, non-linearity and participation with a view to defining a framework for the development of compositional and design strategies for working in/with the network.

The presentation situates network performance in the context of the relationship between sound and space and addresses the specificity of cultural production through a number of historical examples. The network is then considered as a term which is infused with organizational metaphors and provides an opportunity for questioning and developing relationships. The presentation will then take a performance study as a basis for discussing specific issues that arise when staging networked music performances. We conclude by introducing the notion of Network Dramaturgies as a way of understanding current and future practices.

TransISTor, since 2005 is an ongoing training project, sponsored by the MEDIA training programme of the EU to increase the competence and promote competitiveness of young European professionals dealing with audiovisual and interactive media. The sessions combine personalized hands-on training with conceptual and technological introductions, ideal for producers, artists, designers, developers, programmers, curators and educators as well as archivists, librarians and conservators. The sessions offer transdisciplinary insights into some of the most advanced multimedia techniques which underpin contemporary audiovisual productions. Every year the structure of training sessions are continuously revised in order to create competitive and innovative classes to give artistic added value. The workshops are ideal to explore and develop practice of the newest techniques and technologies. Please note that do to the hands on methodology of these seminars they are limited to just 20 students.

The main objectives of Transistor is to provide creative multimedia professionals with insights into the most advanced technologies such as motion capture systems, stereoscopy, computer games engines, AI techniques and content-sharing in 3D virtual environments, web 2.0 applications for future cinema, robots for special effects. Special attention has been paid to the practical exploitation of creative techniques related to storytelling. We have concentrated on the explanation of principles, demonstrations and hands-on practices. The aim is to enable participants to explore the potential of numerous techniques of multimedia tools and allow for adoption of a strong personal vision that is necessary for the complete production process.

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