Network Performance issue of Contemporary Music Review Out Now!

This issue of Contemporary Music Review is in itself a network of different materials and approaches which attempt to provide ‘nodal’ views on performance in the network. From the theoretical to the anecdotal, from the score to the historical timeline each article focuses on a particular view of the network, addressing practices which are sometimes new and other times instances of dreams and fantasies of centuries.

Contemporary Music Review Vol.28 Nos 4/5 August/October 2009


Pedro Rebelo

Networked Music & Soundart Timeline (NMSAT): A Panoramic View of Practices and Techniques Related to Sound Transmission and Distance Listening
Jérôme Joy; Peter Sinclair

Network Musics: Play, Engagement and the Democratization of Performance
David Kim-Boyle

Dramaturgy as a Model for Geographically Displaced Collaborations: Views from Within and Views from Without
Franziska Schroeder

Dramaturgy in the Network
Pedro Rebelo

On the Evolution of Music Notation in Network Music Environments
Georg Hajdu; Nick Didkovsky

Not Being There
Miller Puckette

Tapping into the Internet as an Acoustical/Musical Medium
Chris Chafe

The Telematic Music System: Affordances for a New Instrument to Shape the Music of Tomorrow
Jonas Braasch

Networked Music: Low and High Tech
Pauline Oliveros

Here Right Now
Monique Buzzarté

Long Distance Sitting #2: Untitled Sit for Multiple Virtual Bodies and You
Michelle Nagai

Now …and then?
commissioned for Deep Listening Institute’s “Telemergence”– New works for the telematic medium
Kristin Norderval

Networked Music & Soundart Timeline (NMSAT) Excerpts of Part One: Ancient and Modern History, Anticipatory Literature, and Technical Developments References
Jérôme Joy

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