Netgraph – Pedro Rebelo
First Performance 06.11.10
Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music (sounding/the/net)
Evan Parker (Saxophone)
Pedro Rebelo (Live score)

Elisabeth Harnik (Piano)

John Eckhardt (Double bass)

Netgraph is a real-time graphic score work for improvisors. The piece consists of a series of scenes around specific mobile graphic constructions and is designed for network performance.
The notation reflects structures and interactions between three players and suggests gestural interpretation to both musicians and audiences.
The piece uses the real-time graphics rendering engine PlaySpace developed by Rob King and Pedro Rebelo in the context of the Comedia European Project.

Stills from Netgraph’s live score. This work implements concepts of distributed notation covered in Rebelo, Pedro (2010) “Notating the Unpredictable” Contemporary Music Review 29, no. 1 (2010): 17 – 27


Netgraph performance by PianOrquestra, Multiplicidade Festival
Oi Futuro Flamengo, 22 November 2012, Rio de Janeiro




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