Fo(u)r Lines of Collission

Fo(u)r Lines of Collission (2008)
2 Flutes (doubling on bass flute and piccolo) and 2 Horns

First Performance: Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössische Musik 2008
Commissioned by Carin Levine

Performance Notes
“Fo(u)r Lines of Collision” explores the space between synchronized and non- synchronized events distributed amongst the four players. By using mixed notational strategies, the piece presents the quartet with both metric time (through stopwatch markings) and flexible time (through events within mobile structures). The performance requires 4 synchronized stopwatches or a common, projected stopwatch. If using multiple stopwatches, these can be started before the performance and first 0ʼʼ marking cued by one of the players.

Fo(u)r Lines of Collission - Page 1

Download Score for Fo(u)r Lines of Collision

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