Graphic Score for Three Instrumentalists
First Performance: 11.11.11 Adapter Ensemble, Wien Modern

Trio – Page 1

Trio is a graphic score that explores relationships between each performer through the juxtaposition of graphic elements that suggest interplay between the three instruments. Each page represents a section in the music, lasting between 30 and 50 seconds with time being indicated horizontally. Although durations is interpreted freely within the proportional framework suggested by the graphics, events requiring synchronicity between players are annotated through a vertical line. Transitions between sections must also be articulated as a synchronous ensemble event. The ensemble should agree on a cueing strategy for each page to facilitate these events.

Download Score

11.11.11 Wien Modern
Adapter Ensemble

08.10.12 ISMIR Porto 2012
Nuno Aroso (percussion), Nuno Pinto (clarinet), António Augusto Aguiar (double bass)

5.11.2013  ISCM World Music Days Slovakia 2013
VENI ensemble / THReNSeMBle

21.11.2014 INTER-FACE Lisbon
Pedro Rebelo (piano), Franziska Schroeder (sax), Ricardo Jacinto (cello)

Veni Ensemble
Prešov, Slovakia



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