The Local and the Distributed in the Sonic Arts – Music 4 Media Lecture Series


MAY 17th, 2012 – 18h30
Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº2
4050-453 Porto


The local and the distributed in the sonic arts

António Aguiar, Double Bass

The field of sonic arts provides a rich ground for addressing the relationships between technology and creativity. Since early developments in the use of computers in a musical context, artistic practices have served to celebrate as well as to question technological advancements alongside a socio-political and cultural agenda.

Computer networks represent a disruptive technology which can radically change all aspects of music making. High quality real-time audio streaming as well as ubiquitous data-driven network infrastructure suggest a new platform for connected creativity. The implications of these technologies for creating, distributing and listening have been explored by artist and theorists who articulate how the network can suggest new forms of engagement with sound.

This talk addresses recent developments in distributed performance and questions the role of local social interactions in the context of geographically displaced artistic practices.

The talk will include an experimental crowd-sourced performance with double-bassist António Aguiar. Bring your smartphones and twitter accounts ready!

For more information visit the M4M website at

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