Celebrating Cage’s Centenary – Performance at Multiplicidade, Rio

Homage to Cage: a short edited clip from the performance with the PianOrquestra at Multiplicidade 2012.

22 Nov 2012, Oi Futuro, Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

SARC composers/performers Pedro Rebelo, Justin Yang and Franziska Schroeder have been collaborating with the Rio based ensemble Pianorquestra since 2012. Brought together by producer Batman Zavarese, this collaboration has led to two performances in Rio (Multiplicidade 2012 and Admirável Música Nova at CCBB in 2013) and an upcoming performance for Belfast Festival in October 2013. PianOrquestra consists of a group of up to eight pianists exploring the piano in all its sonic richness by using both traditional and extended techniques. With Rebelo and Yang the group created a unique programme for the anniversary of John Cage in 2012 consisting of repertoire by Cage, his associates as well as new works by Rebelo and Yang exploring indeterminacy through live graphic scores.

Performance of collaborative piece based on Cage

Performance of collaborative piece based on Cage

Performance of collaborative piece based on Cage

Multiplicidade 2012

Performance of Justin Yang’s Webwork by PianOrquestra


Programme Multiplicidade 2012

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