The Crunch Test

The influence of sound on our food experience is still an under studied phenomenon. While we easily relate smell to taste or vision to touch when we are selecting or eating certain foods, sound plays a subtler role but one which can have significant influence of perceptions of freshness as previous research has shown. This study aims to explore the impact of first bite sound on crunchy and crispy foods. Throughout a series of questions and playback of sound recordings of first bite for six different foods we aim to collate data to help us understand how sound affects our food experience. What do we mean when we say crunchy or crispy? Does sound play a role in our selection between natural and ultra-processed foods? Can you guess what sound a certain food makes? We invite you to participate in this research project and help us answer these questions so we can all learn how to listen to our food better!

The Crunch Test is a pilot research project at Queen’s University Belfast aiming to gather data on the relationship between sound and food based on first bite experience.

Participate in the online survey (estimated duration: 15 minutes)

Staff involved:

Professor Pedro Rebelo (Sonic Arts Research Centre)

Professor Moira Dean (Institute for Global Food Security)

Dr Michelle Spence (Institute for Global Food Security)

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