Ambos for Alto Saxophone and Cello

“Ambos” is a dialogue between alto saxophone and cello which at times takes an uncompromising dysfunctional character. Phrases without response and uncomfortable silences make this duo a conversation made up of interjections and reflections. Musically, this translates into individual melodic gestures by both saxophone and cello, that resist simultaneity until later in the work. Silence plays an important structural role both from the point of view of positioning each instrument in relation to the other but also to leave musical materials resonate in the room. These same silences, as well as relatively static moments, allow for few but valuable moments of discourse between both instruments’ interplay, even leading to occasional cooperation. “Ambos” has been commissioned by Síntese – Grupo de Música Contemporânea em 2019.

Ambos score excerpt

Full score available at MIC.PT


3.05.19 Teatro Municipal da Guarda, Portugal

4.05.19 Conservatório de Música de Viseu Dr José de Azeredo Perdigão

5.05.19 Centro Cultural Contemporânea Castelo Branco, Portugal

1.12.19 Auditorio del Museu Lázaro Galdiano, Madrid




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