Music by Strings

Music by Strings
Pedro Rebelo, 2019
Ambisonic Immersive Sound Piece (16 minutes)


Music by strings is an immersive sound work in Ambisonics format which explores environmental sound and field recordings through the entities of strings. From string instruments placed in natural locations to accelerometer recordings of fences and wires vibrating with the wind, the piece challenges the lister to encounter musicality in both the everyday sound and the extraordinary. Like the extremes encountered in our soundscapes, the strings in the piece vary in their modes of vibration, resonating bodies and tension, occasionally reaching breaking point… The piece utilises recordings made in Northern Ireland, Mozambique and Portugal.

Music by Strings was composed at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast and was commissioned by Festival DME in the context of the European project “The Soundscape we live in” financed by the Erasmus+ programme.

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