Across and In-Between

Pedro Rebelo collaborated with artist Suzanne Lacy on the project Across and In-Between, commissioned by 14-18 NOW and the Belfast International Arts Festival. The exhibition to be shown at the Golden Thread Gallery was originally created in collaboration with artists and communities in Ireland from both sides of the border, almost 100 years since the partition of Ireland. Across and In–Between explored the profound impact the border has on the lives of people living there during a time of intense international focus around Brexit. The project created a mass response by over 300 border residents interrogating a line on a landscape with a collective, metaphorical act of ‘drawing and erasing.’Across and In-Between will be shown across the entirety of The Golden Thread Gallery. The installation consists of: Border People’s Parliament; a series of portraits, a soundscape and The Yellow Manifesto in Gallery One; The Yellow Line; a 3-screen video projection shown in Gallery Two; and additional photos alongside a 29’ documentary film, Across and In-Between: Voices from the Border in Ireland, shown in the Project Space.Professor Rebelo led the sound design for The Yellow Line with Michael McKnight and composed an immersive soundscape for Border People’s Parliament.

The work opens on the 12th June 2021.

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