Cipher Series

“…composer and performer agree to ‘play’ with the coding” (Boulez)

Cipher Series is a collection of graphic scores that are displayed to audience and performers in accordance to a fixed temporal structure generated for each performance. The performance plays on the role of notation as a mediator of listening, setting up a performative condition based on interpretative strategies based on engagement by both the performer and the audience. The change from one graphic score to the next has immediate formal implications for the music and acts as a way of articulating shifts in musical material or interpretation strategy.


Cipher #2

Cipher #3

Cipher #4

Cipher #5

Cipher #6

Cipher #8

A recording of a live performance of Cipher Series. Performance by Pedro Rebelo (solo piano) at the EarZoom festival Llublijana, October 2010.

Quick example of how Cipher notation is produced…

EIMAS 2010 (Brazil)
EarZoom Festival 2010, Cankarjev dom (Slovenia) – Piano Solo by Pedro Rebelo, September 2010
ISEA 2011 (Istambul, Turkey) – Piano Solo by Turkish pianist Basak Dilara Ozdemir, 21 September 2011
Melbourne Recital Hall 2011 (Australia) – Piano and Accordion (Pedro Rebelo and Manuela Meier), November 2011
University of Technology Sydney 2011 (Australia) – Piano Solo
Sounds New Festival Canterbury 2012 (UK) – FAINT trio (Pedro Rebelo, Franziska Schroeder, Steve Davis)
University of Oxford 2012 (UK) – FAINT trio (Pedro Rebelo, Franziska Schroeder, Steve Davis)
Musica agora na Bahia (Brazil) – Piano and Saxophone (Pedro Rebelo, Franziska Schroeder)
ISMIR 2012 Porto (Portugal) – Bass, Clarinet and Percussion (António Augusto Aguiar, Nuno Pinto, Nuno Aroso)
Onassis Foundation – Across the great divide 2012 (Greece) – Piano Solo (Pedro Rebelo)
M4M Showcase Concert, Máus Hábitos, Porto – Saxophone and Percussion (Gilberto Bernardes, Gustavo Costa)
Exploratorium, Berlin 2016 Piano and Saxophone (Pedro Rebelo, Franziska Schroeder)
IRCAM, Paris 2016 Alice Eldridge (violoncelle), Jonathan Impett (trompette), Franziska Schroeder (saxophone), Ryan Ross Smith (clavier)Casa da Música, Porto 2016 Saxophone and Percussion (Henrique Portovedo and Nuno Aroso)

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