Disparate Bodies

Disparate Bodies is a performance for musicians in three geographically separate locations. The work addresses network performance as a new type of performance practice and investigates musical implications arising from the notion of displacement and dispersed presence.

Disparate Bodies Score (Guide Sheet)

The work relies on the development of performative and improvisational strategies which take advantage of network performance scenarios through notation, robotics, graphic displays, and temporal structuring. The work itself is a clash of disparate approaches which form the basis of an investigation into relationships with musical potential (between performers, performers and audiences, composition and improvisation etc…). Whereas much of the discourse surrounding artistic practice on the network engages with the holistic desire of bringing together, this piece takes disparateness as a way of resisting the desire to unite entities and processes that depend on being apart. Disparate Bodies is part of a series of network performances carried out at the Sonic Arts Research Centre since 2005 with collaborators such as CCRMA, Stanford University. The work makes use of software developed both at CCRMA and SARC. The performance is structured through a graphic score which provides materials for improvisation as well as a temporal structure which articulates moments of synchronicity between the three sites. The score itself consists of a series of graphic elements whose sequence and relative durations is determined by performers and/or audience. The score is then distributed and displayed to both performers and audiences on the three sites.

Project URL: http://www.sarc.qub.ac.uk/pages/db/

2009 Two-site Performance of Disparate Bodies (Porto, Casa da Música-Bournemouth University) with Evan Parker (Sop Sax), Pedro Rebelo (Piano), Frank Perry (Percussion) , Franziska Schroeder (Sop Sax) and Augusto Aguiar (Double Bass).

2007 SARC Belfast – Hochschule für Musik und Theatre Hamburg – Institut für Elektronische Musik and Akustik – Graz

Disparate Bodies at SMC09, Casa da Música Porto, 22 July 2009

Disparate Bodies at SMC09, Casa da Música Porto, 22 July 2009