subfrictionNew Media Performance (2004)
Duration: 12 minutes

sub_friction is a prescribed space where (dis)ordered sound is articulated by movement. Seven virtual 3D enclosures are brought into presence through the movement of sound, exploring the dynamics of the inside and the outside.

The sound world of the piece is based on pre-recorded materials that are linked through the use of harmonic distortion. The sources, derived from instruments such as the electric guitar, saxophone and violin, co-exist in an ambiguous territory between noise and sound.

The performance of sub_friction entails interactive spatialization of these materials. Sonic and visual materials are triggered using a custom-designed interface based on a digital graphics tablet.

An extrapolation in scale transforms the small surface of the tablet into a 20m2 virtual sound world in which events seem to fly around the listener. Processes such as the Doppler effect as well as room filtering allow for a coherence between the visuals and the sonic events in the work.

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