Instrument of Dissection

instrumentoddissectionAn Instrument of Dissection
Pedro Rebelo, 2006
Duration 6’19”
Format: Stereo

“An Instrument of Dissection” is an attempt at breaking up conventional articulation in order to give room to the accident, the cut, the residue, the parasitical, the awkward… the instrument…


Electroacoustic Music Studies 2013, Culturgest Lisbon, 17.06.13

Musica de Agora na Bahia, UFBA Reitoria, Salvador 8.07.12

Electroacoustic WALES, Parry Wiliams Visiting Composer 17.3.10, 8pm

CCRMA, Stanford University Concert Series, 12.07.08

Sixteenth Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival 14.04.07

Electroacoustic Music Days, Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association, Crete  26.10.08

Festival Futura 2007, Paris 18.08.07

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